CPTR 124 Fundamentals of Programming

In this lab you will use Turtle graphics to build a graphical simulation of Conway's Game of Life

  1. Conway's Game of Life

    Write a program that runs Conway's game of Life like the one demonstrated in class. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life for more information about Life.) Your code must use Python's Turtle graphics library for its graphical output. Your program should support a 60 rows x 60 column Life playing surface. Allow the user to select live cells with the mouse and then begin the simulation with a keystroke. The user should be able to start, stop, and clear the game with keyboard input. During user editing your program should display grid lines to assist the placement of cells. The following figure shows a game board in the process of being edited (note the grid lines):

    Empty game of Life

    The following figure shows a game in progress (note the lack of grid lines):

    Game of Life in progress

  2. Check out

    Your finished program will be evaluated for correctness and compliance. Once you have been checked out you may submit your code to http://eclass.e.southern.edu.